Moderate exercises will make us feel good.


Is there anything else I can get you?

I think Andy is beating around the bush.

She asked her husband to go and fetch some milk.

I want to be in this group.

Don't go anywhere without her.

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Do you think Jelske is unlucky?

In 2009, a man in New Zealand cooked and ate his pet dog.

I totally owe you one.

June didn't betray you.

Reading is of great benefit.


You should have talked more politely.

What's the daily fee?

If he wins the lottery he will be set for life.


Why wasn't anything about that in the report?


No, that's not what I mean.

I don't think Debbie was lying.

Violence at school is blamed on immigrants.

We'll have a goodbye party for Nancy tomorrow.

Everyone is drunk.


You have solved that well!


There are many children in the park.

Do you enjoy living dangerously?

I thought it was a fluke.


Where is Namibia?

There are no lights on in that building.

Yesterday's football highlights show contained a whopping twenty-five goals!

There are no rules without exceptions.

He wants to live in another world.

Betty didn't allow me to pay for dinner.

I just wanted to speak to them.

Can I still get something to eat?

We have decided on leaving this town tomorrow morning.

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.

You will lose your position if you don't keep your temper.


Do you have any big plans for the weekend?

Randy intends to stay in Boston for three days.

Clyde Tombaugh also discovered several star clusters, a comet and more than a hundred asteroids.

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I thought I was going to get into that bar, but they wouldn't let me in.

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I want us to start over again.

The group was planning a bull session to talk about the upcoming party.

Ninja tried to tell me something, but Pilar interrupted before he could say anything.

What were you and Revised doing in Boston?

The women like tea.


I sometimes go to the local pool to swim, but I prefer swimming in the ocean.


What's the matter?


Do you want to try it on?

We did our best to help him, but he didn't so much as say thank you.

I wasn't sold on their plan at first, but their conviction won me over.

My father is so busy that he cannot even take a walk.

Old is a little jealous, isn't he?

Is it your birthday today?

Jane finally stopped.

Climb down out of that tree immediately!

Scarcely had I started out when it began to rain.


Did you sift the flour before you made the cookie batter?

I couldn't stop myself.

I didn't think I needed any help.

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I didn't know anyone at the party.

I'm fond of Shel.

Presley lied because he's hiding something.

Why should Peggy do that?

Why did you run away from me?

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Ami goes to church every Sunday morning.

Could you speak a little louder please?

Natraj will go for days without smoking a cigarette.

Rathnakumar talked about Mayo for over three hours.

Dylan couldn't figure out what Anne was talking about.

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Recently, I've been waking up several times during the night, so I'm suffering somewhat from lack of sleep.

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We were let into a club.

I'll call you at seven.

Your cat needs to eat more.


Rees has become a lot taller recently.

We got off to a pretty good start.

Apply some ice to the injured area to reduce swelling.

Oh please, spare me the sob story.

I don't want you to go.

"How long will you remain in Athens?" "Until Sunday."

How can you help Glenn?


I'm not going to go to school today.

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I think you'll make it if we don't get stuck in a traffic jam.

She married him only because her parents made her.

This enables me to see and face my present trouble.

She's always like that.

That feels wonderful.


Are you Straka's lawyer?

Why don't you let us go with you?

In this tale, the god of rain, storms, and lightning is called Chac Mool.


I had my pocket picked on the train.

This is one of those days.

Where did that injury on your foot come from?

During the First World War "Anne of Green Gables" was distributed by the Polish government to troops in the trenches to remind them of what they were fighting for.

Jimmy was drunk and he said some things he shouldn't have.

I think you were lucky.

That cafe has a pretty good breakfast special.


It matters little what you do.

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I want them to see these.

A blind person's hearing is often very acute.

Let me tell you a little bit of the inside story.

He walks like a duck.

I'm not ready for that.

Australia is a very fortunate country.

Is that really science?

You're the only one I think about.

I don't want to say anything about that now.

Let's not wash our dirty linen in public.

The policeman who is easily frightened is funny; the policeman who is indifferent to the misfortunes of others is terrible.

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I had forgotten that I had met her several years ago.

I haven't seen her since last month.

Should old acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind?

Our office is located the center of the city.

Have you been avoiding me?


I'm going to have to ask you to put your phone away.


He tried to get up early.


The boy is nice.

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I've given this a great deal of thought.


Can I go surfing?

That is a strange question.

Why can't we just be friends?

In a word, he is a coward.

I'll show you what I've got so far.

I'll answer for this accident.

Carolyn never got an award.

Blayne is in shorts.

Miki came after you left.

Let's stop beating around the bush and cut to the chase.

You must keep the promises you make.

Klaudia Jackson is one of our finest litigators.

He was an athlete in high school.


South Korea is much more beautiful than North Korea.

She punched him in the face.

What's Germany's largest lake?


Tell Devon I haven't forgotten him.

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I hate being here.

I recommend that you call your mother.

He told me that you were right.

I knew something Johan didn't know.

I talked with friends.

Maybe you don't know this, but nobody could ever take your place.

He couldn't make it in business.

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I'll never ask you for anything else my whole life.

He stared at me.

Nobody wants to be around me.

He explained to me how to operate the machine.

For some reason it didn't go well, shot down at every attempt, and he led a sad "History of no girlfriend = Age" life.


Wes didn't say much more.

Instead of her, her sister went with them.

Install a vending machine in our office.


Beethoven was a great composer.

A litany of taste tests enabled Hugo to distinguish between a variety of pastes.

When I visited Ken, he was studying.

Then he got dressed, stuffed his lecture notes into his briefcase, and ran down the stairs.

If you had missed that bus, you might not be here now.


My home is in the outskirts of that city.

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Leo couldn't believe that Bjorne had actually kissed him.

I don't understand English.

Everybody has wet dreams.

Do you want me to open this now?

Why are you hiding behind the door?